How to get business, retain business, and create brand advocates. 

Inbound Marketing is a term, coined by HubSpot, that refers to a business methodology of attracting clients to your brand through creating content and experiences that directly carter to their wants and needs. Unlike traditional disruptive advertisement, inbound marketing shoots to build trust with your clients or prospective clients by solving their problems.

There are three commandments for inbound marketing: 


To know how to attract your clients, you must first know who your clients are (or will be). This step is most often called developing buyer personas. 

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of who your ideal client is. Your company may have more than one buyer persona based on the type of services you offer or the modes in which you chose to attract clients. 


Before you can attract clients, you must establish clearly defined branding. Developing a brand book is the best way to ensure cohesive content. Your brand book will outline voice, palette, and services or products. 


Great! You have now defined your client and your brand. Now comes the hard part; staying true to that message. At this step it may be helpful to develop material for your staff (or future staff)  like a training manual and a sales playbook. Developing your strategy is only good if you are able to follow through on the promises you are outlining to your clients. Honoring your mission statement and solving your clients problems is what makes inbound marketing strategy a successful business methodology. 

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